Tales of Terrakesh

Rocco's Wings

Twelve year old Rocco is the only villager with wings. Tragedy strikes. Rocco is captured by urvogels (winged human-like creatures) living on the cliffs of Upper Terrakesh. He witnesses the horrid punishment of urvogels getting their wings cut off--punishment for so-called vanity crimes. His new friends, Basalt, Vesta, Magna and Iggy are about to stand trial. They ask Rocco to help them escape. As colony creatures they've never been outside the city. Rocco must decide if he should help them, or try to escape on his own. Whatever he chooses, Rocco stands to lose his own wings.



'Does it hurt, coming out of a mammal?' asked Vesta.


Rocco snickered.




'No one remembers that. We're too small,' said Rocco.


'How big?'


Rocco lifted his forearm. 'Like this.'


'Our birth eggs are way smaller. Want to see part of my shell?' Vesta pulled a chain around her neck. A medallion dangled into view.


Scooting over, Rocco took the smooth rock-like stone in his hand. 


'It's frozen, inside amber resin,' said Vesta.


The flecked shell was no bigger than the tip of his finger. 'It looks like a bird's egg,' said Rocco.


'It's interesting, how things grow,' said Vesta dropping the chain back inside the top of her tunic. 

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