Tales of Terrakesh

Book One - Rocco's Wings (2015)

Book Two - Vesta & the Queen's Eggs, coming soon 2016

Book Three - Solar Dust, forthcoming

Book Four - Bones, forthcoming


All books are available as eBooks or soft cover from Amazon. The series Tales of Terrakesh follows a group of young urvogels (winged human-like creatures) trying to survive a treacherous queen. Queen Harpia threatens to cut off their wings (Book 1). She later threatens other natural disasters to exact her revenge. In Vesta & the Queen's Eggs (Book 2), it's a great flood. In Solar Dust (Book 3) Harpia threatens to reverse the magnetic poles, thereby wrecking havoc with all the ecosystems of Terrakesh. Rocco and his friends must rely on their wits, and on the help of animals and birds. In the political turmoil of Terrakesh, many birds have turned, becoming spybirds in the service of the evil queen.


A portion of all book sales is donated to protecting wild habitats.


Watch this space for release dates.


Rocco's Wings

Twelve year old Rocco is the only villager with wings. Tragedy strikes. Rocco is captured by urvogels (winged human-like creatures) living on the cliffs of Upper Terrakesh. He witnesses the horrid punishment of urvogels getting their wings cut off--punishment for so-called 'vanity crimes.' His new friends, Basalt, Vesta, Magna and Iggy are about to stand trial. They ask Rocco to help them escape. As colony creatures they've never been outside the city. Rocco must decide if he should help them, or try to escape on his own. Whatever he chooses, Rocco stands to lose his own wings.


Solar Dust

From her hideout in the tree canopy, Harpia plots her revenge. She calls upon legions of birds to fly north, stirring the wind and sea.  Fierce storms break out. The magnetic poles are in danger of shifting. Many fear the end of Terrakesh. Vesta hears the song of the birds and animals whose lives are at risk. Together with Rocco and Iggy she travels north in search of their twin-spirits. Only the twin-spirits know the secret to stopping Harpia.



Magma (urvogel) is plagued by doubts.  He has a red stain on his throat that flares up when he gets excited or upset. Magma plays with bones from small birds and animals. Like most urvogel males, Magma wears his hair in a topknot.  He is skilled at akiva-du, an art form used to combat the Air Marshals who pursue them.