Other Forest Stories

BoReal & Other Forest Stories, release date 2015


Snow White in Karnataka & Other Forest Stories, release date 2016


Each book is a collection of short stories connected by a forest theme. Sometimes the forest is real and sometimes it's fictional. The stories are 2 - 3 pages each, written by Rebecca Merry Murdock and illustrated with a full page digital painting by Raul Chavez. 


All books are available as eBooks or soft cover from Amazon. A portion of all book sales is donated to protecting wild habitats.


Watch this space for release dates. 



BoReal & Other Forest Stories, the first collection in this series is forthcoming in 2015. Want a preview peak at Raul Chavez's digital artwork? Four of the cat paintings are already on display in the Bark & Howl Art Gallery. Want to hear more about wild cats? Read on!


Snow White

Snow White in Karnataka & Other Forest Stories is the second collection in this series, forthcoming 2016. 


For a preview teaser, find "Hansel & Gretel" and "Little Red Riding Hood" on the Bark & Howl Tumblr newsfeed. (See link in header or footer).