Novel Characters


Hi, I’m Suki. I'm a wildlife photographer. My best friend Finch and I are going all around the world investigating the survival of wild cats:  lion, cheetah, tiger, cougar, jaguar, serval and lots more. We get help from Tip, a Canadian lynx.  We're on our way north over the North Pole!
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It’s me, Finch. I’m on my way around the world with Suki.  We're tracking wild cats. Suki takes pics and I keep the log book up to date.  We started in Canada, and we're headed for Africa!  I can’t wait to see a cheetah, or a pride of real life lions!--from a jeep, of course.
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My name is Mia. My friend Ravi and I will meet up Suki & Finch when they reach Egypt. Maybe sooner if we have to get them out of a jam. Suki is my younger cousin. Ravi & I make a cameo appearance in the Solar Dust book trailer.  Check it out, click  > > HERE






I’m Ravi. I'm good at video games. I’m saving my money for my trip to Egypt with Mia. I’ve only travelled outside Canada once, to visit my aunts and uncles in India last year. I'd like to be a biologist. Not cats, but frogs. Here I am in the Solar Dust book trailer with Mia. Click > >






I'm Screech, the falcon. (Stop looking at the beak!) I hang with Finch. He's a low-lyer, can't get up in the sky. Neither can that natty cat, Tip. He's very high on himself. Most annoying thing to ever walk the woods. I'm the guide on this BIG ADVENTURE.  I'm the only one who can see above the trees.
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Name's Tipperary, but you can call me "Tip." I'm the Canadian lynx. I found these hobbits, Suki & Finch, wandering around the Great Bear Rain Forest (Canada). Sorry lot, those two. Haven't a clue what they're up to. I basically rescued 'em. And I'll keep on rescuing 'em.
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